Παραλία Καλαμάτας
Kalamata Beach

The beach of Kalamata in the city is also suitable for swimming, as it has been awarded with a blue flag.

Κεντρική Πλατεία
Central Square

The central square of Kalamata, Vasileos Georgiou Square, is one of its most characteristic points, it is a place that hosts important events and gathers a crowd of winter in the summer.

Κάστρο Καλαμάτας
Castle of Kalamata

The castle is located in the northwest part of the city of Kalamata, on a low rocky hill above the river Nedontas.

Ιστορικό Κέντρο & Ιερός Ναός των Αγίων Αποστόλων
Historical Center & Holy Temple of the Holy Apostles

In the center of Kalamata, in the 23rd March Square, the Church of the Holy Apostles has a special historical significance. Built in Byzantine times, the temple has been in history, since the feud of liberating Kalamata took place on 23 March 1821.

Μητροπολιτικός Ναός της Υπαπαντής του Χριστού
Metropolitan Temple of Jesus Christ

At the heart of the historic center of Kalamata and under the famous Castle of the Villagers in the homonymous square, is the Metropolitan Church of Hypapanti of Christ.

Ιερά Μονή των Αγίων Κωνσταντίνου και Ελένης Καλογραιών
Holy Monastery of Saints Constantine and Eleni Kalogreon

In the historical center of Kalamata and very close to the Metropolitan Church of Ypapanti of Christ, there is the Holy Monastery of Sts Constantine and Eleni Kalogreon, founded in 1796 by Kalamatian Hieromonk and Gerasimos Papadopoulos (1763-1844)

Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο
Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Messinia is located in the historical center of Kalamata where, before the earthquake of 1986, the municipal market was located. His exhibits are excavations of the Messinian land that reconstitute the cultural course of its inhabitants on a timeless basis, starting from prehistoric to Byzantine times.

Ιστορικό και Λαογραφικό Μουσείο
Historical and Folklore Museum

It was founded by the local "Association for the Dissemination of Letters", aiming at collecting archival material and objects of the Revolution of 1821, as well as the rescue and promotion of objects of the modern civilization of the wider region.

Στρατιωτικό Μουσείο
Military Museum

The museum has been operating since June 2006 in a building that was donated for this purpose by the Holy Metropolis of Messinia. Its aim is to present the latest Greek history from the Revolution of 1821 to the present day, through texts, photographic and audiovisual material.

Βέργα & Παραλία Αλμυρού
Verga & Almyros Beach

Almyros beach is one of the most popular and crowded beaches of Kalamata. It is located 6 kilometers east of Kalamata, just before the turn leading to the Messinian Mani.

Παραλία Μαντίνειας
Mantineia Beach

Located 10 km east of Kalamata, you will find the beach of Mikri Mantinia, in a magnificent location, in front of the homonymous village. Where Taygetos stretches its foothills, it blends with the magnificent blue of the sea and makes beautiful coves drowned in the green.

Παραλία Σάντοβας & Κιτριές
Santovas & Kitries Beach

The beach of Santovas is located in the area of ​​Avia, 12 km from the city of Kalamata to the east. It is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches in the area, with many beach bars, which are organized almost every summer in the summer with famous Djs from Greece and abroad.


Παραλία Βοϊδοκοιλιάς
Voidokilia Beach

The beach of Voidokilia is perhaps the most famous beach of Messinia and one of the most beautiful in all Greece! The name of the beach comes from Voufras, "where the oxen live". It is still mentioned in an ancient inscription and as Vouvota - Voidokilia. The most obvious name, perhaps, comes from the large curvature that forms the bay and that it resembles a bony belly.

Παραλία Στούπας & Καλογριάς
Stoupa & Kalogria Beach

Kalogria Beach in western Mani is the most famous, the busiest "organized" beach in the area. Ideal for young people and families.


A small green paradise, scattered by ponds and waterfalls, awaits you in Pollimnio of Messinia.

Αρχαία Μεσσήνη
Ancient Messini

Messini was an ancient city of Messinia, in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese. It is next to the present village of Mavrommati.

Ανάκτορο του Νέστορα
Nestor's Palace

The so-called Nestor Palace is the most well-preserved Mycenaean Palace in Greece. It is located in Messinia, 4 km south of the village of Chora.

Ναός του Επικούριου Απόλλων
Temple of Epicurius Apollo

The Temple of Epicurion Apollo in Vasses of Figalleia is one of the most prominent and imposing of antiquity. It was dedicated by the Fighans to Apollo because it helped them overcome a plague epidemic.

Κάστρο Μεθώνης
Castle of Methoni

The Castle of Methoni is located in the Peloponnese and the town of Methoni Messinia. Among the most important fortifications in the Greek area during the Middle Ages where Methoni was the stopover for the journey made by Christians to the Holy Land.

Κάστρο Κορώνης
Castle of Koroni

The Castle of Koroni was built during Byzantine times in the place where the ancient city of Asini once dominated.

Παλαιόκαστρο & Νιόκαστρο Πυλου
Palaiokastro & Niokastro Pylos

The castle is located in the area of ​​Ancient Pylos, northwest of the town of today's Pylos, in which the other castle of the region, Niokastro Navarinou is located.

Recommended Excursions

Southwest side of Kalamata

  1. Petalidi
  2. Koroni
  3. Finikounda
  4. Methoni
  5. Pylos

Northwest side of Kalamata

  1. Kyparissia
  2. Filiatra
  3. Marathopolis
  4. Gialova

Messinian Mani

  1. Kardamyli
  2. Stupa
  3. Ag. Nicholas
  4. Itilo
  5. Airplane
  6. Diros caves


You can download the map of Kalamata that we have made for our clients:

Kitries14 km - 30 minutes
Kardamyli35 km - 50 minutes
Stoupa42 km - 1 hour
Mystras57 km - 1 hour and 25 minutes (via Taygetus)
Diros Cave90 km - 2 hours
Ancient Messini38 km - 45 minutes
Pollimnio35 km - 50 minutes
Pylos54 km - 1 hour and 10 minutes
Gialova53 km - 1 hour and 5 minutes
Methoni65 km - 1 hour and 25 minutes
Koroni54 km - 1 hour and 15 minutes
Finikounda62 km - 1 hour and 25 minutes
Neda Waterfalls81 km - 1 hour and 20 minutes
Ancient Olympia120 km - 1 hour and 40 minutes